Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

We help people explore their relationship with God through Bible reading and teaching, and through thoughtful reflection in an open, loving, inclusive atmosphere.


We explore and deepen our faith through:

    • Adult Education Sessions

      Recent adult education sessions focused on the story of Peter and Cornelius in Acts, and the concept of Radical Welcome.  We also looked at Lent as ancient wisdom for contemporary life, and how this season of reflection and spiritual renewal can ground our Christian identity throughout the year.

    • Horizons Bible study group for women

      This group meets monthly from October to May and uses the annual Presbyterian Women’s Horizons Bible study guide.

    • Advent meditation booklets

      A new booklet comes out each year and contains a scripture reading with a meditation written by a member of the congregation for each day of Advent.  They are always a wonderful, thought-provoking addition to the season.


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