Worship at Clarendon Hill

Join us for online worship on Sundays at 10:30. All are welcome! If you would like more information about the service, please email chpcomm@gmail.com with your email address.

10:30 on Sunday mornings – Worship followed by refreshments and fellowship

9:45 on Sunday mornings – Choir Rehearsal.  Anyone is welcome to join the choir for one Sunday or every week.  Just show up at 9:45 to practice the music for the morning’s service.

Children of all ages are always welcome in the entire service, but childcare is available during worship. Children are welcome to use the story books and coloring activities on the table in the back of the sanctuary.  Please speak with a greeter if you’re interested in childcare or Sunday School for children.

Worship is the heart of our community life. We gather to pray together, hear the Word and explore its meaning for our time and place, and nourish each other in faith. We welcome people of other or no faith background.  We help people explore their relationship with God through Bible reading and teaching, and through thoughtful reflection in an open, loving, and inclusive atmosphere.


Presbyterians practice “open Communion.”  The table is open to all who are drawn to it, regardless of denominational affiliation.  CHPC celebrates Communion on the first Sunday of the month and on special occasions


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Previous Sermons

12/15/2013 “Earn This” Rev. Fairfax

Sermon: “Earn This”

Scripture: Matthew 11:2-11; James 5:7-10

The strange question from John the Baptist about the identity of Jesus can be difficult to comprehend. How could John not know? Didn’t he baptize Jesus himself? Not surprisingly, this passage is about faith — enduring faith – and living up to one’s best self in the light of God’s great gifts. How is our faith being challenged in personal ways these days? How closely are each of us living up to his or her best self?