Second Annual Worship and the Arts Sunday

Second Annual Worship and the Arts Sunday!!

Come this Sunday for a special service focusing on the relationship between holy worship, our faith and the arts.   We welcome a special speaker as we highlight our church’s continuing sense of mission and ministry to and with the arts — an essential and beautiful way of centering on God’s continuing creation with us and our world.

Guest Preacher/Speaker:  Professor Jim Zingarelli (B.F.A. Pratt Institute, M.A. Trinity College, Ct., Nicoli Botteghe Artistici di Scultura, Cararra, Italy) is a painter and sculptor who has been teaching art for 38 years and is currently Professor of Art at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts.  He has also taught at The Salzburg Institute, Salzburg, Austria as well as The Orvieto Semester, Italy and The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center in West Rutland, Vermont. His work has been exhibited at The Kingston Gallery (Boston), The Andrea Marquit Gallery (Boston), Pepper Gallery (Boston), Vorpal Gallery (NY), Dartmouth College, Yale University, Berklee College of Music, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Attleboro Museum. He resides and works in Amesbury, Massachusetts.…

Scripture:   Matthew 10:7“As you go, proclaim the good news, ‘The realm of heaven has come near.'”

Sermon:     “As You Are Going: Art, Faith, & Process”.
The main scripture passage will be taken from Matthew 10:7, but there are a few other supporting passages from Matthew that I also hope to use. I’ll focus on the place of our faith and work as being ever “in the midst of”.  As artists, we explore and evolve any given work without exactly know what it will become, where it will be seen, who will ultimately see it and perhaps even invest in it.   Our faith walk is much like this, as we are instructed by Jesus, “As you are going…”. It’s  a process: our lives unfold, we encounter God’s presence, we encounter others, we learn more about this world we live in, we serve all three.  Our faith, like our work is dynamic.

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